Prabhat Samgiita Translations

In the last 8 years of his life, Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar gave over 5,000 songs. The books available on this page contain the new English translations by Abhidevananda Avadhuta.

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Volume 1 Songs 001-100 (Third Edition)

Volume 2 Songs 101-200 (Third Edition)

Volume 3 Songs 201-300 (Second Edition)

Volume 4 Songs 301-400 (Second Edition)

Volume 5 Songs 401-500 (Second Edition)

Volume 6 Songs 501-600 (Third Edition)

Volume 7 Songs 601-700 (First Edition)

Volume 8 Songs 701-800 (First Edition)

Volume 9 Songs 801-900 (First Edition)

Volume 10 Songs 901-1000 (Second Edition)

Volume 11 Songs 1001-1100 (Second Edition)

Volume 12 Songs 1101-1200 (Second Edition)

Volume 13 Songs 1201-1300 (Second Edition)

Volume 14 Songs 1301-1400 (Second Edition)

Volume 15 Songs 1401-1500 (Second Edition)

Volume 16 Songs 1501-1600 (Second Edition)

Volume 17 Songs 1601-1700 (Second Edition)

Volume 18 Songs 1701-1800 (Second Edition)

Volume 19 Songs 1801-1900 (Second Edition)

Volume 20 Songs 1901-2000 (Second Edition)

Volume 21 Songs 2001-2100 (Second Edition)

Volume 22 Songs 2101-2200 (Second Edition)

Volume 23 Songs 2201-2300 (Second Edition)

Volume 24 Songs 2301-2400 (Second Edition)

Volume 25 Songs 2401-2500 (Second Edition)

Volume 26 Songs 2501-2600 (Second Edition)

Volume 27 Songs 2601-2700 (Second Edition)

Volume 28 Songs 2701-2800 (Second Edition)

Volume 29 Songs 2801-2900 (Second Edition)

Volume 30 Songs 2901-3000 (First Edition)

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